Welcome to “Papyrus”!!
Have you ever heard of “Cool Japan”?
Do you know how cool Japan is?
We want the world to know famous designers, artists and creators in Japan.
The environmental protection is one of the serious concerns in the world. As paper is recyclable and eco-friendly, we introduce mainly Japanese creators making artworks with cardboard.
In this website, we show great paper-works, provide opportunities to work with creators. We also hold big events, workshops etc… not only in Japan and Asia but also in the countries around the world. We introduce great artists, creators and designers to the world. By selling works and holding events, we want to make the world happy.
“Papyrus” has been and will be developing like the Universe!!


1: We introduce Japanese creators, designers, and artists.
2: The creators in this website are professionals of handling eco-friendly paper and cardboard.
3: You can purchase creators’ works.
4: We make plans for creators’ works expo.
5: We make plans for creators’ workshops.
6: We make plans for creators’ talk show.
7: We make plans for big events.
8: We make plans for events for getting customers.
9: The creators make various things with cardboard.
10: The creators visit your town.
11: Your favorite designers make something for you.
12: You can select designers, creators and artists.
13: You can make your inquiry in English, Chinese or Japanese.
14: We look for creators you want.
15: This website introduces famous designers, creators and artists in Japan.